Monetize your Jekyll site with paid subscriber-only content.

Make selected posts on your site available only to paid subscribers with a single line of YAML front matter!
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The subscription management service that helps you maintain ownership.

Focus on making great content and leave the rest to us.

Subscriber Only integrates all needed parts of the subscription chain: subscription management, payment processing and access control. Leave the boring parts to us and just make!

Start for free and grow your revenue. We grow with you.

We charge a fixed fee of 10% per subscription, plus a small credit card processing fee.1 This means you can start publishing premium content for free and we'll only charge you as soon as you have revenue.
1 Subscriber Only uses Stripe for processing payments. Stripe fees vary according to several conditions. Please consult the Stripe pricing page for more details.

Maintain complete ownership of your content, as you do.

The best thing about Jekyll is that you completely own your content and don't depend on third-party hosting solutions like Substack or Patreon. Why change that? We're just a complement. Keep your content and host it however you like, on your own terms.

Setup? Pfff... Easy.

  1. Sign up and input your basic site info.
  2. Fill your payment information.
  3. Configure our Ruby gem in your project.
  4. Add subscriber_only: true to your posts.

Use Jekyll Feed? We got you.

Jekyll Feed's the most used RSS feed generator for Jekyll and it just works. You use it and we don't want to change that. Subscriber Only has complete support for it.